Workshops in four different art disciplines were given in the "Atelier" project, which was held between June and November 2020 in Gaziantep with the support of Space of Culture. Following the workshops, the participants created their own works. The idea that this exhibition is based on and is based on is the fact that "multicultural works are applicable in all conditions".
The project was shaped around the co-creation process. With online workshops, 4 international artists-journalists living in France-Germany-Sweden were brought together with young local and refugee-immigrant artists living in Gaziantep. As a result of these workshops, local and immigrant participants living in Gaziantep worked together to produce artworks and displayed these works online. We were excited by the courage of the young artist / artist candidates who produced work for the first time in this art discipline. We carry the excitement of young and brave participants whose works are exhibited in the exhibition. Under the leadership of Director / Screenwriter Halit Eke, the "Atelier" project, which started with the support of Space of Culture, also aims to create a multicultural artist network and become an art production area. Mixed Exhibition is one of the first outputs of this process.


Selin Karlı (Yaratıcı Yapımcı)-Almanya
Lousie Waite (Heykel) - İsveç
Anaïs Girard-Blanc (Videoart)-Fransa
Stephane Aubouard (Videohabercilik)-Fransa

Sergi Sanatçıları

Sabri Sever (Heykel)
Baha Hamit (Heykel)
Abdulsalam Jaroud (Heykel)
Amina Altıntaş (Film Moodboard)
Nihad Dahman (Film Moodboard)
Ceren Özaslan (Videoart)
Mehmet Doğan (Videoart)
Ahmet Aljabri (Videoart)
Sabbuha Alfattah (Videohaber)
Tuğberk Onur (Videohaber)

Heykel - Sculpture


Videohaber Video Journal

Film Moodboard


Misunderstood- Nihad Dahman