Editors Project

Editors Project


Employment for Refugee Women in the Culture Industry: Editors

The project aims to increase the visibility of migrant women in the cultural industry and provide professional employment for women.

Gaziantep and Syria (located in the protection zone by Turkey) living in refugee-immigrants and unemployed women training full-fledged post-production (editing, color editing, visual effects) courses will be held. After the training, the participants will be given licenses of the computer and the programs used. Following these trainings, the coordination office of the project that will represent them all will be opened in Gaziantep.

Post production profession; Participants will be able to quickly adapt to the profession, as it is a profession that combines personal skills that can be learned and applied, and can be gained through practical and external training.

As post-production work can be done remotely, the potential of participants to find a job to continue their profession will be higher.At the same time, the participants will have the economic power that provides a profession acquisition and rapid integration that they can continue when they return to their countries.

Project Activities: Women Employment (Education, Practice, Mentoring, Self-Employed), Psychosocial support for women's children and Kindergarten service.Humanitarian Action,Child protected, Making Women Visible in the Culture Industry, Contribution to Gender Equality in Business Life, Communication with Women in the Culture Sector and "Creating a Participation Support Network"

Marketing and Communication Strategy

-Stant: A stand will be set up to represent the project in the world's most important 10 film and advertising markets. Project participants will be provided with job opportunities at these stands through a representative employee. (European Film Market (Berlin Film Festival), Marcu du Film (Cannes Film Festival), Antalya Film Forum and Sundance Institute)

- Award: The editing award will be given to a film project selected at the Antalya Film Forum. The project team will provide editing services for this movie. The visibility of the project in the culture industry will be increased.

Support for Project Participants with Children

Kindergarten service will be provided to the children of the Participants selected throughout the project during education hours. Thus, while the participants receive education, their children will be able to stay in the nursery. Psychosocial support sessions and psychodrama support will be provided to the children of the Participants through experts.

Project Partners-Donors-Service Providers

-EWA (European Women Audiovisual Network)(negotiations continue)

-Gaziantep Valiliği,Gaziantep Büyükşehir Belediyesi

-Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi (negotiations continue)

-Hope Revival Organization NGO


Project Consultant

Project Team

Project Owner : Ga Society and Culture Center 

Project Coordinator: Halit Eke (Founder of Ga Society and Culture Center,Director-Writer)

Project Representative: Aynur Devre, Service Provider: Hope Revival NGO

Project Members:Participating Immigrants/Refugees Womans

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